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Our technician licensed plumbers know about traditional gas and electric water heaters as well as newer tankless water heater units. If you’re exhausting over repairing your old water heater don’t worry, we have professional plumbers on call 24 hours a day that will help you out.  No need to anxiety, we offer all the major brands of water heaters and keep stock in-house so that you can get your plumbing needs taken care of as rapidly as possible. Our service is also committed to helping our clients minimize their carbon footprint, so we promote you to ask about our solar powered hot water heating systems. A solar-powered or tankless hot water heating system can be the first stride in change your home into a green.

Everybody needs water heater repair in Houston & Dallas at some point, due to a number of different issues, such as a defective heating element (a constant supply of listless water through a shower is indicative of a defective upstairs heating element in your water heater). Another problem, passing out of hot water quickly, is indicative of a defective lower heating element.  Water Heaters, on average, damage at around 10 years. It is better to replace a water heater before it fails, as leaks of any type can cause a severe amount of damage to your home.

Water heaters are generally trustworthy but sometimes they do have problems. These issues can comprise, no hot water, unsuitable hot water, rust colored water, rotten egg odor, Low rumbling or popping noise, high pitched whining, water leaking around base of heater, if you notice any of these signs contact One Call Services to request an appointment today!  Water heater burst in the middle of the night?  Don’t worry, in emergency cases we will arrive for you in few minutes. We are here 24 hours, 7day a week only for you.

Tankless Water Heater Houston & Dallas is the next generation of water heating, and One Call Services highly recommends choosing a tankless water heater over a conventional water heater. This leap in technology utilizes an electronic heat exchanger to heat water as you need it.

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Because of this, tankless water heaters are incredibly active, and the technology involved leads to a drastic reduction of Co2 (carbon dioxide) and jump in efficiency – up to 90%, With the advancements of technology, a newer tool is cheaper to run and uses significantly less energy. The older your water heater, the more it will cost to efficiency warm up water for your home. If your water heater is old and inoperative, it may be little cost in the long run to change it than to keep using it.

When you choose a water heater for your home, it’s remarkable to take into account your family’s size and hot water usage habits. Choosing a heater that’s too small for your household can result in damaging the unit, basically wearing it out quickly and requiring early replacement.

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At the same time, choosing a water heater that’s too large can result in higher bills, as the unit needs to work harder than necessary. Whether it's a gas or electric type, there's our company water heater just right for the high demands of your household. Today's units are energy-efficient, comfortable to maintain and outfitted with the latest innovations to provide your family with an abundant supply of hot water. If your water heater were to rush, it could cause a lot of dollars of damage in a very short amount of time – not to mention the obvious safety risk!

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